Stick Fast 5 Minute Epoxy

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Key Features                                               

• Non Solvent Epoxy- 100% solids

• 2 part 1:1 Ratio

• 5 cure time • Clear Epoxy

• Bonds to a wide variety of surfaces and large gap filling

• Waterproof

• 9 oz kits

Popular Uses

• Ideal for bonding in submerged water applications

• Pen Kit assembly when extended work life is required

• Waterproof finish

• General bonding

• Mixing Note: Mixing a large curing mass, such as one cup of Epoxy in a cup, will create heat that may brown the color of the cured Epoxy. Avoid this by mixing small batches of Epoxy at a time.

• Shelf Life Note: Epoxy may gel or crystallize in the bottle over an extended period, especially in cool environments. To thin thickened epoxy, place the bottle in hot tap water (or microwave for 5-10 seconds at a time) will bring the Epoxy back into solution. Cool before using.