Intermediate Bowl Turning Class - Call For Next Class Date

Intermediate Bowl Turning Class - Call For Next Class Date

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Intermediate Bowl Turning Class

For all classes we furnish all tools, blanks, and equipment.  In most cases we will use our tools to make sharpening simpler and more consistent, however, we ask that you bring what tools you use so we can discuss sharpening and help to make any adjustments in sharpening technique.  If you have any personal protection equipment you should bring that as well.  We always break for lunch so you can either bring your own lunch or we can order out if necessary. Coffee, tea, soda, and water are available as well. You are welcome to come up to 1/2 hr. earlier than the scheduled start time to get acquainted with the class and get fitted for the lathe and equipment.

Prerequisite:  You must have taken the Beginner's Bowl Turning Class or demonstrate that you have successfully turned some bowls! 

This is not meant to teach the very elementary steps in bowl making, but to provide an environment for growth in your craft skills. Rather, the purpose of this class is to explore some new and/or additional bowl shapes that will take your skills to a new level of tool work and control. Discussion and importance are given to understanding the cutting characteristics that are necessary to complete each shape and proper tool selection to help conquer the pitfalls of poor technique.  As with every class, much emphasis is given in a demonstration of tool sharpening without which none of us can cut well. We will be using a 40/40 bowl gouge, a bottoming bowl gouge, and a swept back or "Irish Grind" bowl gouge as the primary shaping tools and finishing cuts with bowl and negative rake scrapers. We will briefly introduce specialty tools as necessary to create crisp and clean details. After turning, sanding and finishing will become of greater importance than previously done to give a better product for everyday use.

Call for next class date planned at 9:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.  Maximum class size is 5 students.

If you have any questions call Joe at 716-391-2001 or email to discuss details or to reserve your spot.

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