NOVA Large Jaw Accessory Bundle

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NOVA Large Jaw Accessory Bundle

The NOVA 6037 Large Jaw Accessory Bundle includes the three most popular sets of accessory jaws for larger turning projects: the NOVA JS130N 130mm (5'') Jaws, the NOVA 6017 75mm (3'') Long-Nose Jaws and the NOVA PJSN Power Grip Jaws. All three will fit most NOVA chucks (sold separately, check your manual for compatibility). The 5'' jaws are used to mount large bowls measuring up to 29'' in diameter. They are particularly for gripping footed bowls with a reverse dovetail. The 3'' Long-Nose jaws have a 2'' rise above the base, which reaches deep inside bowls for a tremendous grip. The dovetail grip in expansion mode is great for holding footed bowls and other footed pieces. The PJSN Power Grip jaws are the most powerful jaws in the Nova lineup for large spigot turning and hollow form turning.



  • The most popular jaw sets for large work in one convenient bundle
  • Dovetail profiles for maximum holding power without crushing the wood fibers
  • Jaws hold in both contraction and expansion modes
  • Precision machined for precise closing and long life

What’s Included:

(1) NOVA JS130N 130mm (5'') Jaw Set
(1) NOVA 6017 75mm (3'') Long-Nose Jaw Set
(1) NOVA PJSN Power Grip Jaw Set
(1) NOVA SSK Chuck Fastenings
(1) Instruction Manual

Technical Details:

JS13ON 5'' Jaw Set:

  • Maximum Workpiece Diameter: 750mm (29-1/2'') in diameter
  • Recommended for Chucks: Titan, SuperNOVA 2

6017 Long-Nose Jaws - Capacity when used with G3 and SuperNOVA 2 chuck:

  • Expansion: 2.126'' to 2.874''
  • Contraction (square stock): 1.142'' to 1.969''
  • Contraction (spigot): 1.575'' to 2.362''

6017 Long-Nose Jaws - Capacity when used with Titan chuck:

  • Expansion: 2.126'' to 3.346''
  • Contraction (square stock): 1.142'' to 2.402''
  • Contraction (spigot): 1.575'' to 2.835''

Powergrip Jaws - Capacity when used with SuperNOVA 2 chuck:

  • Expansion: 3.740'' to 4.567''
  • Contraction (square stock): 2.165'' to 2.992''
  • Contraction (spigot): 3.031'' to 3.858''

Powergrip Jaws - Capacity when used with Titan chuck:

  • Expansion: 3.740'' to 4.961''
  • Contraction (square stock): 2.165'' to 3.386''
  • Contraction (spigot): 3.031'' to 4.252''
  • Brand: NOVA
  • NOVA SKU: 6037
Weight (lbs): 5.7400

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