RIKON 1/2 hp Grinder + 2 Radius Edge CBN Wheels

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RIKON 1/2 hp Grinder + 2 Radius Edge CBN Wheels


We're now selling the same 1/2 hp grinder you see in Woodturners Wonders videos and demo stations. They come without guards or tool rests. They're brand new and carry the Rikon 5-year warranty. We've found them to be reliable, and they work well with our CBN wheels. Choose the bare grinder or grinder with CBN wheels. Make sure you see all the options below. These wheels are such a good value that getting a grinder with wheels still costs less than most places charge for wheels alone! 


The Radius Edge: A unique feature of this wheel is the 1/4" radius on the left and right side of the wheel. The radius makes it easy to grind small 1/4" hollowing bits and round scrapers. This eliminates the problem of having to rotate a tool by the handle (in the case of scrapers) and end up over-grinding the tip. This is a very handy feature, and you can hold the small bits and not burn your fingers. You won't find a better wheel at these incredible prices. Money back guarantee.

CBN wheels will change the way you sharpen forever – Think razor sharp edges.

These wheels are 8" in diameter and have 5/8" arbor holes

1/2 hp grinder with 2 Radius Edge wheels

Free spherical washers

Choose any two grits you like: 80, 180, 220, 350, 600, 1000

Regular price for grinder = $139.95 + two radius edge wheels = $249.95 + $11.90 for the washers Total = $401.80

You Save $61.85 by purchasing this package

Shipping is $40 continental USA - NO INTERNATIONAL shipping on this product for which you are billed any balance due after check-out.  

Please note: Grinders are shipped fully setup and mounted with your choice of CBN Wheel(s) and your choice of grits using spherical washer set(s). All orders with wheels mounted are tested before being sent out. Guards or tool rests do not come with the grinder as most wheels are too wide, and it's assumed the user will utilize their own tool holding jigs with this setup.

There is zero chance wheels will come apart as they are machined from one solid billet, which allows use on the face and side of wheels (Mega Square and/or 4-in-1 design). As with all power equipment caution should be taken by the experienced operator. Operator assumes all risks. Please read instructions and caution sheet in the box on the reverse side of the lifetime warranty. – Thanks.