Salt & Pepper Shaker Class - Call For Next Class Date

Salt & Pepper Shaker Class - Call For Next Class Date

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The "Salt & Pepper Shaker Class" is a simple project class where you will put into practice all you have learned in the Beginning Woodturning Class and/or in your prior woodturning experience by completing all the necessary steps:

*Blank selection and preparation

*Lathe & jig tool set-up 

*Mounting & turning duplicate pieces

*Sanding, finishing, & assembly

This is always a fun class for those who have never worked on completing a project.


For all classes we furnish all tools, blanks, and equipment.  In most cases we will use our tools to make sharpening simpler and more consistent, however, we ask that you bring what tools you use so we can discuss sharpening and help to make any adjustments in sharpening technique.  If you have any personal protection equipment you should bring that as well.  The class begins at 9:00 a.m. and should last 3 - 4 hours running continuously, but you can always bring a snack or refreshment if you would need to take a break.  Coffee, tea, soda, and water are available as well.  You are welcome to come up to 1/2 hr. earlier than the scheduled start time to get acquainted with the class and get fitted for the lathe and equipment.

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No prior experience is necessary for this class it is meant to be an introduction or an extension of basic turning skills.

Cost $45.00

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