Spartan 8" CBN Wheel, 5/8" Arbor $ 109.95

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Spartan 8" CBN Wheel, 5/8" Arbor   $ 109.95



WOW – Talk about a breakthrough!  We did some serious negotiating resulting in a giant leap improvement of our 8" Spartan CBN wheels. These wheels are 8" x 1" with 5/8" arbor, BUT they are made of our famous SOLID 6061 aluminum AND they have about 1/4" of grit down both sides! HERE'S THE BEST PART – they're only $109.95! This is a game changer!

You will not find another wheel on the market at this price, or that looks this good. The quality is second to none and they carry our exclusive lifetime warranty. They also come in more grits: 60, 80, 180, 220, 350, 600, 1000. Guaranteed for life to keep their shape, stay in balance, and the CBN will not wear off. Whats not to like? 

Important Note

Spartan wheels are 1 inch wide as is the arbor.  If you are going to keep the guards on your grinder it is suggested you purchase the aluminum machined washer to fill in space between the wheel and the motor and also purchase the spherical washer set to use between the wheel and the nut.  The washer between the wheel and motor will prevent the wheel from hitting the guard.  This will give you the proper spacing and prevent any wobble in the wheel. If you are going to remove the guards and push the wheel up against the ridge on the shaft then use the washers between the wheel and the nut.  Spherical washer goes on first, then the flat one(s) so there is sufficient thread for the nut to reach the wheel. Please call us for assistance if you need it. 

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