GluBoost EndPoint Mark + Mask System

GluBoost EndPoint Mark + Mask System

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EndPoint Mark + Mask System

Made for perimeter-controlled CA or finish application without run off, the EndPoint Mark + Mask System creates spot on borderlines for a secure boundary and complete runoff control of adhesives and finishes within any shaped area, both straight and curved! Designed specifically for use with MasterGlu adhesives and Fill n’ Finish formulas, GluBoost EndPoint Mark + Mask System eliminates adhesive, and finish run off forever!

System Includes: 36 yards (1296 inches) by 1/8” wide Bright Green Ultra-High Performance Vinyl Tape Roll and a box of 3 specially formulated Non-Toxic Yellow Glue and Finish Perimeter Markers in a "keep clean” metallic zip lock storage bag.


Ultra-High Performance Vinyl Tape 


Full 36 yards (1296 inches) by 1/8” wide for finer control
Allows for repeated removal and replacement for more exacting work
Residue free adhesive
Conforms to regular and irregular surfaces
Write-on capability
Easy to ID Bright Green
Sturdy plastic core
Resistant to aging, sun, water, fungus, bacteria, oil, acids, alkalis, and corrosive chemicals
Through Color – Abrasion, impact and rupture resistant
Works within a very wide temperature range

EndPoint Perimeter Markers 



Bright yellow color
Specially Formulated – Resists adhesive and finishes
Marks a removable perimeter where glue or finish will not go
Soft, easy to use material

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