About Us

The beginnings of Buffalo Woodturning Products has really spawned from being a full-time woodturner. In the early days of selling my work there was frustration at the fit and finish of the kits and accessories available with far too many items I would not sell in my art shows or even give away as gifts. Stumbling upon SS Niles Bottlestoppers an immediate recognition set in for the difference quality would make for my work and the reputation I seek. My search continued with a realistic benchmark of quality for many and various products to meet my need.

What began with harvesting and cutting my own blanks for nearly everything I turn grew into doing the same for other turners as well. Getting to know some of the best people in our industry has greatly influenced the direction we are heading. Our endeavor is to furnish the turners who choose to select quality products with an expanding line that will streamline their professional pursuit. We consider all of our customers to be colleagues wanting only what turners need in the simplest of ways. Our service will be to that end. Every product we carry is scrutinized over time because it works and continues to work well.

With the same mindset that if I can’t/won’t sell it in my turnings at art shows and galleries, then it won’t be in our inventory. We choose to join with the group of companies that “Do It Well” and value your comments and input. We want to help you turn right and better your skillsets with what we offer.

Joe Wiesnet
Professional Woodturner
Proprietor of Buffalo Woodturning Products