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NOVA DVR XP Uprade Part #55523

Be sure to read the entire description to make sure this upgrade is compatible with your DVR XP.

This kit enables you to update your older DVR lathe with a new dial in control panel, fast and easily. This upgrade features fresh new software,with features and advancements to take your older DVR XP to new levels of useabilty. With this upgrade panel, you also get the ability to add the DVR Wireless Remote II Accessory (SKU 55522) to give you the ultimate hands free control. This Wireless Remote is an additonal purchase. 

This kit saves you time and money, and gives total piece of mind.  We've done all the hard & fiddly electronic work for you - all you have to do fit the new control panel. Very fast and easy to install, simply remove old panel via 4 screws, unplug old panel from the lathe, plug in new panel, and fasten up the new panel at the 4 screw points. This literally takes no more than 5 minutes. And then you are ready to use your new features! Included are full, step by step instructions, and we offer full toll free phone and online support if you need to talk to anyone about the fit. 

The Upgrade Panel Kit features: 

  • Fast and Easy to install, simply remove old and plug in new. 
  • Speed Chart 
  • Up to 10 Favorite Speed Settings 
  • USB Upgrade capabilities 
  • Dial in control for fast speed and parameter adjustments. 
  • Increase working speed range up to 5000rpm 
  • Easy to install with additional step by step retro fit kit to your exisiting/older NOVA DVR Lathe

Technical Specifications: 


  • DVR control panel with dial knob 
  • Comprehensive instructions
  • 1 Year Warranty 
  • FCC Compliant


Quick Guide of CompatibilityDVR XP Version Numbers

To check version number, see the start up screen on your DVR XP lathe, which will show the version number in the first lines of text. 

  • Main board Software versions below 6 are not compatible with The DVR XP upgrade panel (SLU 55523) 
  • 6.xx Compatible but will be without braking feature
  • 8.xx Compatible


Standard Equipment: 
DVR Control Panel (55523) with Dial in Knob


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