Hunter Tool Systems #1 Viceroy 1/2” or 5/8" Square Shank

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The # 1 Viceroy, 1/2” shank  is a great tool for general purpose outside diameter turning and inside diameter turning.  This tool is built on a 1/2” square shank.  The 1/2” shank is ideal for larger bowls and hollowing operatons.  For the brand new turner, the Viceroy will quickly become a “GO TO” tool.  Just lay the tool on the tool rest and traverse back and forth to remove the material.

For the experienced woodturner, you will be delighted to discover the ease of the tool to use and how efficiently the wood will be removed.  When close to your final diameter, the handle can be dropped to ride the bevel on the cutter.  The handle length recommended for this tool is approximately 18 inches.

5/8″ Square Shank Viceroy

The 5/8” Shank Viceroy is an amazingly stable tool. This Viceroy tool is manufactured from a 5/8” square shank material and has a turned 5/8” shank diameter for the tool handle.

The shaft length is 9” from the handle which makes this tool ideal for large diameter work.  The handled tool comes with an 17” handle which is also the recommended length if you choose to make your own.

Replacement Parts

#1 Replacement Cutter

#1 Replacement Screw

#1 Replacement Wrench

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