Stainless Steel Niles Mandrel - #152 Project Mandrel

Stainless Steel Niles Mandrel - #152 Project Mandrel

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#152 Mandrel

This project mandrel threads onto the head stock spindle.  It has a 3/8″ x 16 tpi threaded stud that has a slit or flute in the threads making it self-tapping. The neck or step below the threaded stud is 13/16″ diameter which matches the tops of the stoppers. All the mandrels are great for bottle stoppers, ice cream scoop handles, pizza cutter and other kitchen utensil handles, shaving brushes, etc.

Three sizes available:
1″ x 8 tpi for most mini and midi lathes
1.25″ x 8 tpi for most full-size lathes
M33 x M30 for the Oneway lathes

The nylon washer can be used as a spacer to help keep some wood from locking on too tight when you are turning your project. *note: if the wood does get a death grip and you can’t get the project off the mandrel, put the whole thing in the freezer for 10 – 15 minutes and it will unthread once the metal shrinks.  You can also put a little beeswax on the mandrel threads to keep it from locking during turning.  

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