Woodturners Wonders Angle Drill

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Angle Drill

We searched high and low for a good quality 55-degree angle drill at a reasonable price. We all know there are some out there for over $125 that are decent, but that price is just too high. These drills, used for sanding, take a lot of abuse (because of sanding dust). The cheaper red ones we found just didn't hold up, and had a lot of plastic components. Enter the Woodturners Wonders Angle Drill. These drills were made especially for us and have some impressive components. Where most drills have plastic parts - ours are metal. We took one apart so you can see firsthand just how well these babies are put together. Steel gears, hefty double shaft bearings on the chuck, copper windings and heavy brushes.  dcc

We've had prototypes in the field for several months and they've performed very well. Check out the specs below. If you're in the market for a new drill/sander this one will not disappoint. One-Year Warranty. Most competitors don't offer a warranty at all and are priced higher. We have a Better Product at a Better Price.

  • 3.8 amp 120 v motor
  • 0–1400 RPM no-load/variable speed
  • Forward/reverse lever
  • 3/8" keyed chuck
  • Angled chuck for reaching close quarters
  • 7' cord
  • Angled cord exit keeps cord out of work area
  • Double insulated
  • Metal framed gear train for longer gear life
  • Large paddle trigger
  • Drill weighs 3 pounds 3 ounces


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