Hunter Tool Systems Badger #5 Full Swan Neck Tool

Hunter Tool Systems Badger #5 Full Swan Neck Tool

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Product Description

The Badger #5 Full Swan Neck is a larger version of the #3 tool, measuring about 10" long and with a shaft width of 5/8". This tool is especially useful for turning boxes and the insides of all hollow forms. It is manufactured from the standard # 5 tool, but with the distinctive swan-neck. The tool comes with the #3/5 carbide cutter and wrench. It may be purchased with a wood handle installed or without a handle, as pictured above.

These Hunter Swan Necks are real problem solvers. With practice, you will have very little sanding to do. By the way, the harder and more dense the wood the better the Hunter tool seems to like it.

Replacement Parts

# 3 / # 5 Replacement Cutter

# 3 / # 5 Repl. Torx Wrench

# 3 / # 5 Replacement Screw

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