BWP 12-24" Longworth Style Chuck

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We have manufactured our own Buffalo Woodturning Products Longworth style bowl finishing chuck. Made out of high quality 1/2" HDPE and the finest machine screws, faceplate mounting, #4 rubber stoppers, and rubber T Handled nuts. Made with a CNC Router which makes them extremely precise. These chucks perform beautifully making them a worthy addition to finishing the bottom of bowls and platters.  Since I turn on a Robust Lathe I have made sizes to fit the full-size Powermatic, Oneway, & Robust Lathes.

Faceplate Specifications:

12", 14", & 16" use a 3" NOVA Faceplate

18", & 20" use a 4" Oneway Faceplate

24" uses a 6" Oneway Faceplate

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