Wood Stabilizing Resin - Cactus Juice

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Wood Stabilizing Resin Key Features:                     

• Economical

• Low viscosity - for better wood penetration

• Low odor

• Low temperature 200F Heat Cure - allows cure in small toaster type oven... out of the kitchen!

• Dye colors available for dramatic effects

• 3 year shelf life; 3+ month catalyzed shelf life

• 1 Gallon and 1 Quart kits

• Soap and Water clean up Popular Uses:

• Stabilize your own wood for a wide variety of projects... from pens to bowls.

• Resin Stabilized wood gives new life to woods that would normally not be usable for turning. Woods that tend to crack and check, such as spalted woods, now can become solid. Dyes added to the stabilizing resin can also create dramatic coloring effects.


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