Carter and Son Toolworks 1-1/4” Roughing Gouge

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1-1/4” Roughing Gouge by Carter and Son Toolworks

A razor, balanced roughing gouge sends chips flying while turning your next piece from square to round. 

What makes a 5-star 1-1/4” spindle roughing gouge:

  • Hand-polished flute & wide ‘u’ shape design ensures efficient chip-flow
  • Unique round tang provides strength & chatter-reduction
  • Superior M42 high speed steel ensures less grinding & cleaner cuts at the lathe
  • Put comfort and control first with an aluminum handle
  • Sharpened & inspected
  • Completely interchangeable handle system
  • 100% American manufacturing backed by a lifetime guarantee & hassle-free returns


The Specs

  • Blade measures 1-1/4“ outside diameter x 8” overall
  • 3/4” tang diameter
  • 16” or 22” x 3/4” handle (no adapter required)

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