Universal Box Tool Rests - Best Wood Tools

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 This is the perfect Tool Rest for making flat bottom boxes. Machined from solid steel this is the strongest Tool Rest of this type available anywhere. Fits on any of Best Wood Tool standard Tool Posts listed (sold separately). The Universal Box Rest is available in two sizes, 1” wide and 1-1/2” wide. The 1” wide Box Rest extends 3 -1/2" into the work and the 1-1/2” Box Rest extends 4” into the work to support flat bottom scrapers at the tip of the tool, as shown below. It can also be used to support scrapers on the outside of a work piece and is outstanding when used with threading tools. The new 1” wide Universal Box Rest is particularly useful for turning small boxes and other projects on small and mini-lathes. The picture in the upper left shows a cutaway view of a box turned with a flat bottom using a 1 -1/2” Universal Box Rest and a 1” wide scraper.

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