Best Wood Tools Universal Box Tool Rests

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Universal Box Rests This is the perfect Tool Rest for making flat bottom boxes. Machined from solid steel this is the strongest Tool Rest of this typ e available anywhere. Fits on any of our standard Tool Posts listed. The Universal Box Rest is available in two sizes, 1” wide and 1-1/2” wide. The 1” wide Box Rest extends 3 -1/2" into the work and the 1-1/2” Box Rest extends 4” into the work to suppor t flat bottom scrapers at the tip of the tool, as shown below. It can also be used to support scrapers on the ou tside of a work piece and is outstanding when used with threading tools. The new 1” wide Universal Box Rest is particularly usefu l for turning small boxes and other projects on small and mini-lathes. The picture directly to the lower right shows a cutaway view of a box turned with a flat bottom using a 1 -1/2” Universal Box Rest and a 1” wide scraper.