Easy Wood Tools Easy Chuck™

Easy Wood Tools Easy Chuck™

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Easy Wood Tools

Easy Chuck

Quickly change your interchangeable jaws; mount and secure your work in seconds and get back to turning! Patented technology makes this the only chuck you'll ever need.
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Made in America

Our feature-packed 4", 4-jaw Easy Chuck™ design keeps you focused on turning instead of managing your tools. Simply use the supplied ball end hex key, depress the keeper latch, slide each jaw off, then slip any size Easy Jaws™ into place. Listen for the snap and the jaw is locked into position and ready to use in 30 seconds or less. Ten Easy Jaw options accommodate small to larger size objects and grip in either expansion or contraction mode for greater versatility.

The integrated Zoom Ring™ lets you quickly adjust the jaw opening using only one hand, and you can fully open and fully close with just a few rotations. Once snug, tighten down your workpiece with our supplied T-Handle Hex. 

Double-set screws let you secure the body to the spindle to allow for reverse sanding operations. The Easy Chuck™ includes one 3/8" dovetail Easy Jaws™ for gripping 3/8" tenons with an overall expansion of 2". 

The Easy Chuck™ is available in four sizes (two Imperial; two Metric) to match your lathe size:

1"x 8 TPI (C1000)

1 1/4" x 8 TPI (C2000)

M33-3.5 (C3000)

M30-3.5 (C3030)

We also offer two Spindle Adapters sized to fit either the 1" x 8 or 1 1/4" x 8 chuck to quickly swap between these two lathe spindle threads.

Manufactured with hardened and plated components inside and out, machined to high tolerances, our rugged Easy Chuck™ is the only chuck you'll ever need. 

US Pat No. 9,370,826 (Easy Chuck)

US Pat No. D753,477 (Easy Chucking Screw)

Easy Chuck™ Includes:

  • 1 3/8” Dovetail Easy Jaws™

  • Easy Chucking Screw™

  • Chuck Key - 5/16" Hex T-Handle

  • Jaw Key - 1/8" Ball End Hex Key

  • Spindle Washer

  • Spare Hub Set Screws

  • Spare Master Jaw Springs

  • Owner's Manual

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