Easy Wood Tools - Ci5 NR Negative Rake Carbide Cutter - Round, Pat. No. D902967

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Easy Wood Tools - Ci5 NR Negative Rake Carbide Cutter - Round, Pat. No. D902967

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Easy Wood Tools® patented Negative Rake Carbide Cutters™ virtually eliminate chipping and catches when turning resins, acrylic, and other man-made materials. Excellent results when turning very hard woods, and very smooth finishing cuts. Very effective for hollowing, allows for smooth catch-free passes.


Grade, Grind and Geometry. These are the 3G's of the perfect carbide cutter. As the industry experts with over 60 years of experience in the carbide field, our team has invested thousands of man hours developing the perfect combination of these variables and it shows in the quality of our cutters, with the sharpest and longest lasting edge featuring:

  • Optimum grade of carbide for the longest lasting sharp cutting edge.
  • Proprietary grinding process that results in the sharpest edge possible.
  • Precision ground finish. We don't polish our carbide cutters as the polishing process is prone to chipping the cutting edge.


We make our own cutters and you will never find a better performing carbide cutter for turning than Genuine EWT Carbide Cutters™.


The Ci5 - Round Negative Rake Carbide Cutter™ Pat. No. D902967 is made especially for Micro Easy Finisher™, Mini Easy Hollwer™ #1, #2, #3, and Mid-Size Easy Hollower™ #1, #2, #3.

  • Carbide Cutters

    All cutters come with a new mounting screw included



    Made in America

    Safety Disclaimer: Turning can be a fun and safe hobby for everyone when basic safety guidelines are observed; Easy Wood Tools® recommends using full safety equipment when turning. Project safety is your responsibility. Please read and understand all material included with your tools and lathe. It is your responsibility to make sure your activities comply with applicable laws, including copyrights and patents, and that you operate your equipment in a safe manner. Use Total Wood Working Tools, LLC dba Easy Wood Tools® products, suggestions, parts, supplies, and final product at your own risk. Total Wood Working Tools, LLC dba Easy Wood Tools® disclaims all responsibility for any resulting damage, injury, or expense.

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