Hunter Korpro Cartridge - For The OneWay Coring Cutter Knife Cutters

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Hunter Korpro Cartridge - For The OneWay Coring Knife Cutters

The Korpro cartridge with cutter is a system that retrofits onto the existing OneWay™ coring system.  The Korpro cutter is a replaceable cutting tip for the Korpro cartridge.  No grinding or lapping is needed.  The cutter has two cutting edges that help provide extended tool life for this popular coring system.

Johnny Tolly in Austin, Texas says:
“These are the 34 bowls cored with the new cutter. Bottom is Brazilian Cherry, middle is Texas very dry Mesquite behind that is Pecan and at the back is Walnut. I had been putting off coring as it was a real pain as the Mesquite and cherry was roughed out and very dry. I will not wait to do the coring as the new cartridge is a real joy to use.”

Includes the cartridge, cutter installed and a torx wrench for indexing the cutter.

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