Laguna 16" 4 Post Planer with ShearTec II

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Laguna 16" 4 Post Planer with ShearTec II

The New Laguna 16” Planer is best in class for many reasons. The ShearTec II Cutterhead is a 6 row system; most planers offer only 4 or less. This means the ShearTec II will last longer. 4 sided German carbide knives give a better finish, while deep gullets & thicker knives allow for better removal.



  • Motor: 5 HP 1 Phase 220 volt TEFC
  • Readout: Digital with Tape Backup
  • Table: 44” D X 16” W Incl. 2 X Cast Iron Extensions
  • ShearTecII 4-sided German Solid Carbide Cutterhead
  • Inserts: 6 Rows x 18 Knives = 108 Total

Laguna Shear-Tec II


  • T-shaped step recess design is less suspectible to breaking
  • Laguna Shear-Tec II can handle torque force up to 120lbs
  • Laguna Shear-Tec II is a 6-row system, better finish & longer life.
  • 6 Rows
  • 4-Sided
  • Ultra Quiet
  • Solid Carbide
  • Extreme Longevity
  • Crowned Leading Edge

Standard Head


  • Standard head only accepts max. of 65lbs of torque.
  • Standard cone-shaped design causes the knife to be brittle.

Another benefit with our planers is the noise level; customers cannot believe how ultra quiet they run! Digital Readout is included, something you usually have to pay extra for with other brands. Cast iron in/out feed extensions & a built-in wheel system comes standard.Where most planers in this range offer only 15” capacity & 3 HP, the Laguna stands out by having 16” width capacity & a powerful 5 HP motor. The Laguna ShearTec II is at the cutting edge of Spiral Cutterhead technology today. Deep gullets allow chips to exit fast & keep the head clean. The inserts are made from thicker solid German carbide & set into the head on a flat surface rather than a cone design. This allows more torque to be used when tightening the inserts. All of the inserts are slightly angled to give a shear type cut with low impact & less kick-back action. The leading edge is crowned to minimize lines appearing. Laguna ShearTec II heads are all 6 row; most competitors’ heads offer just 3 or 4 rows. Of course there are a host of benefits associated from the additional rows: More carbide inserts, longer life, less noise and vibration, less kick-back & a smoother finish.


Inserts: 6 Rows x 18 Knives = 108 Total

2 Feed Speeds: 16 + 20ft/min

Mechanical Adjustment of Bed

Mechanical Adjustment of Bed Rollers

4″ Dust Hood

In/Out Feed Cast Extensions Included

Capacity Min-Max:3/16″ – 6″

Max Removal: ⅛”, 3mm

Machine Dimensions (L x W x H): 44″ x 35″ x 43″

Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H): 31″ x 30″ x 46″

Weight (Net/Ship): 567/668 lbs


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