NOVA 130mm (5'') Jaw Set - JS13ON

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NOVA Chuck Jaw Sets

Choose the jaw set that best fits the needs of your turning project! NOVA jaws boast superb holding power when matched with the appropriate workpiece. They cut into the wood, grip firmly in both contraction and expansion mode and provide high tear out strength. These jaws fit all of the NOVA chucks, allowing you to interchange the jaws across all chuck models to achieve different capacities. Some jaws, however, are not recommended for use with certain chucks.

NOVA 130mm (5'') Jaw Set - JS13ON 

Designed as the jumbo versio nof JS100N. Ideal for handling large work of up to 750mm in diameter. Suggested for use with both the Titan chuck and the SuperNOVA 2. Sugggested for use with centre saving systems.

  • The big brother to the 100mm (4") jaw set.
  • Designed to handle large work up to 750mm.