NOVA Cole Jaw Buffers - 6030

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NOVA Cole Jaw Buffers are an accessory for the NOVA Cole Jaws and NOVA Mini Cole Jaws (#JSCOLE and 6006, sold separately). The buffers are designed to safely and securely hold your turned edge bowls and large diameter cylinders so you can make the finishing cuts to the bottom side. The kit includes two different sets of buffers - multi-sided buffers and long pin buffers‐to cover most workholding requirements. The multi-sided buffers are reinforced with steel so they won't deform under pressure and pull the turning blank away from the jaws. The pin buffers are designed for maximum surface contact on longer turnings. Eight of each style are included, along with fastenings.



  • Two different complete sets of buffers to cover a majority of holding requirements: a multi sided buffer and a long pin buffer.
  • The multi-sided buffer is reinforced with steel to provide a super solid mounting.
  • Buffers can be positioned and locked in a variety of different ways, giving maximum flexibility for the turner.
  • Reinforced steel rubber gives the multi-sided buffer exceptional grip. The rubber won't collapse and pull the bowl away from the jaws when tightened.
  • The pin buffer provides longer contact surface away from the jaws. It is ideal for holding longer or oddly shaped projects.
  • Only for use on NOVA Cole Jaw and Mini Cole Jaw sets (JSCOLE and 6006 sold separately). Not recommended for use on any other re-chucking system.

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