Nova Mini Cole Jaw Set - 6006

Nova Mini Cole Jaw Set - 6006

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The NOVA Mini Cole Jaws are designed for re-chucking bowls with the bottom side exposed in order to remove chuck marks, add decoration or to re-shape the bottom of the bowl. Mini Cole Jaws are suitable for lathes with a minimum 8"/203mm swing diameter. Other Nova jaw sets (sold separately) can be fitted to the Mini Cole Jaws for a variety of mounting options, and custom wooden jaws can also be created for unique situations. The optional 6030 Jaw Buffer Kit (sold separately) also greatly extends the workholding potential of the Mini Cole Jaws. See the Standard Cole Jaws (sold separately) for lathes with a minimum 12"/300mm swing diameter.


  • A fast, easy way of re-chucking bowls to make the finishing cuts on the bottom side.
  • Fits all Teknatool chucks.
  • Holds a wide range of bowl sizes safely.
  • Other jaws can be attached for more mounting versatility.
  • Exceptional structural strength.
  • NOVA chucks give you the same jaw fixing system and same insert/adapter system across all chuck models.
  • All accessory jaws in the range will fit all the chucks in the range for optimum flexibility. Some, however, are not recommended. See individual jaws for recommendations.
  • NOVA chucks are specially designed so the jaws cut into the wood, grip firmly in the contraction mode and provide high tear out strength.


Usage Tips:

  • While traditionally these type of jaws are used in the compression mode, depending on the bowl shape, the jaws can be used to grip in either the contracting or expanding mode.
  • To ensure best grip, the bowl should have a positive or negative flair towards the edge of the bowl.
  • Try to avoid straight-sided bowls where the grip will be less efficient.
  • Best practice is to have a cutting action such that much of the chisel force is directed towards the headstock, not across the face.



(1) NOVA Mini Cole Jaw Set


  • Designed for lathes with a minimum 8"/203mm swing diameter.
  • Max workpiece diameter with Precision Midi chuck: 6.181" (external grip); 8.5" (internal grip).
  • Max workpiece diameter with NOVA G3 chuck: 6.693" (external grip); 8.5" (internal grip).
  • Max workpiece diameter with SuperNOVA 2 chuck: 6.693" (external grip); 8.5" (internal grip).
  • Max workpiece diameter with Titan chuck: 7.087"(external grip); 8.5" (internal grip).
  • For replacement bumpers, see the NOVA Cole Jaw Fastening Kit (sold separately).
  • Brand:NOVA
  • NOVA SKU Number: 6006
  • Weight (lbs): 1.5

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