NOVA Most Popular Jaw Accessory Set - 6033

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NOVA Most Popular Jaw Accessory Set - 6033

This bundle includes the top three most popular sets of NOVA accessory jaws, which add range and versatility to your Nova Chuck. The set includes the JS25N 1'' Accessory Jaws, JS100N 4'' Accessory Jaws and the Cole Jaw Set, plus additional fastener kits for the latter two. NOVA Accessory Jaw Sets boast superb holding power when matched with the appropriate workpiece. They cut into the wood, grip firmly in both contraction and expansion mode, and provide high tear-out strength. The 4'' Jaw Set is designed for expanded dovetail or reverse dovetail use, and is ideal for gripping footed bowls and mounting false (custom) wooden jaws. The 1'' Jaw Set is ideal for small bowls and small, unsupported spigot turning. The Cole Jaws are designed for re-chucking bowls with the bottom side exposed in order to remove chuck marks, add decoration or to re-shape the bottom of the bowl. They are suitable for lathes with a minimum 12''/300mm swing diameter. Other NOVA jaw sets can be fitted to the Cole Jaws for a variety of mounting options, and custom wooden jaws can also be created for unique situations. A set of replacement bumpers for the Cole Jaw Set is also included. All jaw sets in this package are compatible with the G3, SuperNOVA 2 and Titan II chucks (sold separately).


What’s Included:

(1) NOVA JS25N 25mm/1'' Accessory Jaw Set
(1) NOVA JS100N 100mm/4'' Accessory Jaw Set
(1) NOVA JSCOLE Cole Jaw Set
(1) NOVA Spare Jaw Screws Kit (8 M6 screws)
(1) NOVA Cole Jaw Fastening Kit (8 Rubber Bumpers, 8 Cheese Head Screws, 8 M6 Screws)


Technical Details:

The NOVA 25mm/1'' Jaws:

  • Expansion Range: 1.02'' - 1.81''
  • Contraction Square Range: 1.10'' - 0.35''
  • Contraction Round Range: 1.22'' - 0.39''

NOVA 100mm/4'' Jaws:

  • Expansion Range: 3.81'' - 4.64''
  • Contraction Range Square (around bowl foot): 3.03'' - 2.20''
  • Contraction Range Round: 3.89'' - 2.99''

Cole Jaws:

  • Max Workpiece Diameter with Precision Midi chuck: 8.661'' (external grip); 11'' (internal grip).
  • Max Workpiece Diameter with NOVA G3 chuck: 9.291'' (external grip); 11'' (internal grip).
  • Max Workpiece Diameter with SuperNOVA 2 chuck: 9.291'' (external grip); 11'' (internal grip).
  • Max Workpiece Diameter with Titan chuck: 9.449'' (external grip); 11'' (internal grip).
  • NOVA SKU: 6033
Weight (lbs): 4.0000

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