NOVA Universal Spanner Wrench - 23079

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NOVA Universal Spanner Wrench - 23079

This handy all in one tool is an economic way to have a dedicated solution in your chuck toolbox. 

The Nova spanner has a thin section which makes it easy to position on the chuck insert between the chuck and lathe where standard spanners can be too thick to insert properly.  Also the handle has a good length to provide an adequate grip and purchase.

The NOVA Universal Spanner is an updated and improved product, now featuring over 4 different NOVA specific functions in one handy unit.

This inexpensive, handy tool is an automatic choice to add to your chuck toolkit.  


Features & Benefits

Has over 4 functions in one tool.


  • Fits all NOVA chucks for easy and fast loosening.  Designed to make it easy to unscrew the chuck from the lathe spindle.  Can be used a the body grip handle for original Nova chuck, SuperNova and SuperNova2 chucks.  Spanner is contoured to the chuck body to provide maximum support and no damage to chuck when strong leverage needs to be applied to loosen.   It is the easiest and most convenient way to remove Nova dedicated thread chucks from the lathe spindle.
  • Fits all NOVA chuck Inserts for easy and fast tightening and loosening. 
  • Fits NOVA Ornamental Turner.  Handy for mounting and demounting  of chuck, adjustment of stops and fastenings.
  • Dependable Performance.  Hard wearing steel, heat treated to ensure durability and long life.

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