Ring Mandrel

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Made in the USA                                                           

Expanding Ring Mandrel:  The expanding ring mandrel is made from a mild steel, standard expanding arbor and machined for ring use. This item has a 1/2" shank and will fit in a 1/2" drill chuck or other lathe chucks which can clamp to 1/2" diameter.  The expanding mandrel comes with its own hex key and is coated with a Black Oxide protective coating. 

Stainless Steel Higher Quality Ring Mandrel: 

  • This expanding ring mandrel is made from American Stainless Steel for greater durability and Performance.
  • Resists warping. 
  • Impervious to most any finish.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Available in Half-Sizes to increase production flexibility and accuracy.

Simply chuck up the ring mandrel, slide on the ring core and tighten the hex key to secure the core from spinning.  Use minimum pressure to keep the ring core from rotating on the mandrel. This will also ensure the mandrel does not distort the ring when clamped. The expanding ring mandrel will significantly reduce runout / concentricity issues between the wood band and metal core, which you would encounter when using wood jam chucks or expanding rubber sleeves (sanding sleeves).  

It can be used for turning, sanding and finishing your ring creations. For those who make all wood rings, this is the perfect addition to your collection of tools.

Use care to not overexpand the mandrel which can cause permanent set in the diameter. If the mandrel does become 'overexpanded', simply remove the screw, compress the stepped segments together using a vice or plier to restore the original size. 


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