Robust 14 - 16 inch Lathe Tool Rest - 1" Standard Post

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Toolrest Dimension Sheets

Robust 14 inch Lathe Tool Rest - 1" Short Post

If you have a 14” lathe with 1” diameter post, such as Delta, General, Jet, the short post rests will probably fit.  Since we don't stock any short post tool rests you can purchase a standard post tool rest and will generally have to trim it down with a hack saw or reciprocating saw to the exact length needed.

Robust 16 inch Lathe Tool Rest - 1" Standard Post

If you have a 16” lathe with 1” diameter post, such as the Robust Liberty, Robust Sweet 16, Robust Independence, Delta, General, Jet  or Rikon, these rests will probably fit:

NOTE: Only the Low Profile style rests or the 9” J-rest will fit the Oneway 1640
NOTE: 16” and 18” Grizzly, Laguna and similar imported lathes use 25mm posts, which are slightly smaller than 1”.  25mm posts are available special order.

‘S’ curved rests allow you to work on the interior of an open form and the rim in one setting.  The hardened rod is offset towards the outside of the curve to allow close tool placement, and the tapered support is tipped so that it will not rub the wood.  Available in 14” and 9” lengths.

Our shear scrape rests are designed to give you extra clearance when shear scraping with a bowl gouge.  Typically, you can drop the handle to just 15 degrees from vertical.  The have a heavy-duty hardened rod on top.  Available in 6, 9 and 12″ sizes, with either “standard” or “long posts”.



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