Robert Sorby Chatter Work

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This is created by the Chattertool (RS215KT) which is both a shear scraper and a decorating tool. When fitted with either of the double ended spring steel cutters it will produce a myriad of patterns on end grain only. Supplied with two chatter cutters (RS220 and 221) and scraper (RS222). User instructions included. The Chatter Tool is featured in the Decorative Techniques DVD.
An endless variety of patterns can be produced very easily. Alternative patterns can be achieved by:-

    • Adjusting cutter lengths

    • Changing cutter shape

    • Altering lathe speed

    • Traverse or stationary cuts

  • Cuts on, above or below centre

Code Description/Type Catalogue Page No. Catalogue Ref.
RS216 Chattertool (as RS215KT but without scraper cutter RS222 30 RS216
RS215KT Chattertool Kit (includes RS220, RS221and RS222) 30 RS215KT

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