Robert Sorby Sovereign Spiralling and Texturing Tool Set

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Sorby Sovereign Spiralling and Texturing Tool Set


For decorative woodturning this set is an absolute must. Featuring the full size and modular micro systems, these tools with their varied cutters will deliver a multitude of decorative shapes and patterns on both large and small projects. See more on spiralling and texturing decorating techniques with world famous turner Nick Agar on pages 58.

Set Includes:

    • 330S Unhandled Spiralling System

    • 350/0 Texturing cutter

    • 350/2 Cutter at 2mm pitch

    • 350/04 Cutter at 4mm pitch

    • 350/06 Cutter at 6mm pitch

    • 889 Modular Micro Handle

    • 370/0 Unhandled Modular Micro Spiralling Tool

    • 370/01 Fine spiral cutter

    • 370/02 Medium spiral cutter

    • 370/03 Texturing cutter

    • Sovereign 12" handle –Softex grip handle

    • Sovereign 4" extension – Handy addition to increase handle size to 16"

    • SOV-C13 suitable for ½" shanks

    • DS 600 Diamond honing stone 1" x 3" (25mm x 75mm) x 1.5mm thick in 600 grit

    • SOV-TC Sovereign Threaded Coupler – joins handles together to customise lengths

    • RSDVDDT - Focus on Decorative Techniques DVD

The Box 
Made from sustainably sourced birch plywood – comb jointed with a beech frame. Chrome plated furniture and a hard wearing lacquer finish guarantee satisfaction.
Please note all sets have a pre-formed high density foam insert to hold the tools in place (removed for photographic clarity).

Code Description/Type Catalogue Page No. Catalogue Ref.
SOV-3370DBS Sovereign Spiralling & Texturing Set in Wooden Box 10 SOV-3370DBS

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