Sorby Thread Cutting Set

Sorby Thread Cutting Set

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Sorby Thread Cutting Set


The perfect tool for making screw tight lids on boxes and caskets. This fascinating and practical aspect of woodturning, includes a range of cutting tool sets that have been produced from High Speed Steel in 10, 16 and 20 threads per inch (TPI). They have been designed with a unique, enhanced helix angle specially designed for use in wood.
For those attempting their first steps in thread cutting, we recommend starting with the finer tooth pitch set.
Thread Cutting Sets consist of a pair of thread cutters (one for internal cuts and one for cutting matching external threads), a thread and sizing gauge (which takes out the guess work out of dimensioning) and the Focus on Specialist Woodturning Tools Part 3 DVD. This informative DVD covers tool use and showcases a series of graded projects. It also includes an introduction to the Eccentric chuck.
To complement these sets, a range of optional items have been produced to provide a complete solution to thread cutting. These include:

    • Relief Cutting Tool.

    • Tool Support Rest – to make forming internal threads easier.

  • Thread Cutters in pairs at 10tpi, 16tpi, 20tpi – ideal for upgrading.
Code Description/Type Catalogue Page No. Catalogue Ref.
89HS10 Thread Cutting Set 10tpi 28 89HS10
89HS16 Thread Cutting Set 16tpi 28 89HS16
89HS20 Thread Cutting Set 20tpi 28 89HS20

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