Oneway Stronghold Chuck With Taper-Lock Adapter

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Oneway Stronghold Chucks

This heavy-duty chuck is designed for large lathes (16" swing or greater) to provide maximum gripping power!

The body diameter of this chuck is 4½" (the largest currently available in our chuck family).

The chuck weighs approximately 8 lbs (fully assembled with the No. 2 Jaws). It is considerably heavier than the Talon Chuck (3.5 lbs) or Oneway Chuck (4.5 lbs) which makes it a very desirable chuck for large size lathe owners who want an exceptionally powerful grip for turning larger pieces.

The Stronghold Chuck is operated by a key. Key operation provides two major advantages:

  • One handed operation
  • Solid holding power
  • 5 to 1 ratio assures powerful clamping

Note: If your lathe is less than a 16" swing, we recommend our Talon Chuck.


  • Single-Hand Key Operation
  • Our Patented Over-Extension Safety System
  • 4-Jaw Scroll Chuck
  • Rugged Base Jaw Design


A wide range of accessory jaws are available for this chuck to cover all your turning requirements.

The following Jaw sets are available for this chuck:

  • Spigot Jaws - smaller turnings
  • #3 and #4 Jaws - turning large bowls, vases, etc.
  • #5 and #6 Jaws - turning larger bowls, vases, etc.
  • Jumbo Jaws - finishing the bottom of bowls, or holding odd shaped pieces
  • Flat Jaws - make custom jaws and attach them to these plates
  • Collet Jaws - used to hold a large variety of round stock



Capacities of the Stronghold chuck with standard #2 Jaws:



External Compression



Internal Expansion





Stronghold Chuck jaws are NOT compatible with either the original ONEWAY Chuck OR the Talon Chuck.

This chuck can fit spindles as large as 1-1/2" diameter with our adaptor system.

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