Ring Cores - 2pc. Stainless Steel

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Made in the USA                                            

This item is for one 316 Stainless Steel wedding ring core with a wood width of approximately 0.25" and a finished ring width of 0.340" (sizes 4 thru 8 are narrower).   

Use these cores to create fabulous wood, glass or mixed media rings. As always, all of our ring cores are CNC machined in Western Colorado using Titanium or 316 stainless steel. Materials are purchased with material certifications verifying chemical composition and authenticity.  This material is solid and will not warp or crack. It can be sanded, polished, etched, flame treated or brushed.  Let your design creativity go to work and come up with a unique finish.

Ring Gift Boxes are available with this kit in the drop down menu. 

We highly recommend buying an expanding mandrel for rings available here on this website under Tools & Accessories.  There are three sizes of mild steel ring mandrels to fit sizes 2-9; 6-13; and 12-15.  There are also 4 sizes of a higher quality stainless steel ring mandrel to fit sizes 4-9, 10-14, and half sizes 4.5-8.5 or 9.5-13.5 which is a much more durable mandrel.  Each mandrel has a 1/2" shank which will easily fit into a drill chuck or lathe chuck.  The mandrel we have designed significantly reduces concentricity and runout issues that are associated with using wood jam chucks or rubber expanding sleeves.

The recommended care for wood/metal rings is the same as other wood-turned items, requiring the wearer to avoid water immersion and rough handling.

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