Stainless Steel Niles Bottle Stoppers - SS-BR9000 Cork Shape

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SS - 9000 Stainless Steel Cork Shape - Patent Pending 

 This stainless steel cork is for woodworkers, pottery, polymer clay, ceramics, antique doorknobs and golf balls.

 The 4 O-rings seal all the bottles with 2 O-rings sealing most of them.  It is made with 304 FDA kitchen grade stainless and FDA nitrile O-rings.

  It has the 3/8" x 16 tpi threaded stud 1/2" high, non-removable. 
Top diameter of the stopper is 13/16" and is 1 1/2" tall (less the threaded stud). 
Use an 11/32" or 5/16" drill bit for wood. 
If you use the SS Niles thread cutting stopper mandrel, there is no need for a tap. 

Made of 18-8 304 FDA kitchen grade stainless steel
● Machined to perfection in the USA
Winery and FDA approved
● Lifetime guarantee on stoppers and O-rings
● Custom orders made for your special needs 


Price per stopper: 

1 to 9 pcs - $7.45 each

10 to 19 pcs - $7.00 each


 A note from the Creator / Designer:                    

When I designed the tapered style, I merely copied what was on the market to fill an order for 24 bottle stoppers with my woodturnings.

Feedback from my customers made me know it was time for a stainless stopper that fit more bottles and fit better! I have wanted to do a stainless "cork" style stopper for a number of years because I knew it would be a far superior seal for wine.

                                                                                      Ruth Niles

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